Sébastien Martin


Email: sebastien.martin @kellogg.northwestern.edu

Phone:+1 (510)229-2758

Office: KGH-4163

I am an assistant professor of Operations at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. You can use the menu to explore my work.

My research focuses on optimization, machine learning, and applied probability to model and tackle real-world problems. Applications include operations management, transportation, public sector and the human-AI interface. For example, I helped design Lyft’s matching algorithm, redesign Boston’s school transportation system, change the school schedules of San Francisco. These changes save tens of millions of dollars every year and benefit millions of people.


Jun 21, 2024 I was invited by the National Academy of Engineering to present my work on reinforcement learning in transportation. This was part of the China-America Frontiers of Engineering Symposium.
Jun 02, 2024 I just updated this website’s design to be much more responsive, using al-folio amazing template. Most of the website is generated automatically (even my CV pdf!), which helps me make sure it’s up to date with less hassle. Feel free to check the code on Github.
May 08, 2024 My recent paper Human-AI Interactions and Societal Pitfalls is featured in the Wall Street Journal.
Apr 29, 2024 I created Kellogg’s first AI teaching assistant. Listen to this podcast to learn more!